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TrolMaster Hydro-X Controller w/ 3-in-1 Sensor (Temp / Humid / Light ) + Cable set Free Phone App

TrolMaster Hydro-X Controller w/ 3-in-1 Sensor (Temp / Humid / Light ) + Cable set Free Phone App


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The Hydro-X Controller w/ 3-in-1 Sensor, coupled with the advanced 3-in-1 Sensor, forms a dynamic duo in the world of indoor cultivation. This powerful combination empowers growers with precise control over critical environmental parameters, ensuring optimal conditions for plant growth. Whether you're cultivating in a grow tent, room, or greenhouse, this system provides comprehensive insights and control.

Key Features:

Centralized Environmental Control: The Hydro-X Controller serves as the central hub for monitoring and controlling environmental conditions. It seamlessly integrates with various sensors, including the 3-in-1 Sensor, to provide a comprehensive view of temperature, humidity, and light intensity.
3-in-1 Sensor Integration: The system includes the Hydro-X 3-in-1 Sensor, capable of monitoring temperature, humidity, and light intensity simultaneously. This integration allows growers to make informed decisions based on real-time data from multiple parameters.
Real-Time Data Monitoring: The system continuously monitors environmental parameters in real-time. This ensures that growers have up-to-the-minute information on the conditions within the grow space, enabling prompt responses to changes.
Customizable Thresholds: Growers can set customizable thresholds for each parameter, tailoring the environment to the specific needs of their crops. Whether it's adjusting temperature, humidity, or light levels, the system responds dynamically to meet predefined criteria.
Automated Control Actions: In response to sensor data, the Hydro-X Controller can trigger automated control actions. For instance, if the temperature exceeds a set limit, the system can activate cooling mechanisms to maintain the desired temperature range.
User-Friendly Interface: The Hydro-X Controller w/ 3-in-1 Sensor features a user-friendly interface, allowing growers to easily navigate and configure settings. The intuitive design ensures that users, whether beginners or experienced growers, can harness the full capabilities of the system.
Graphical Data Representation: Visualize environmental trends over time with graphical data representation. This feature aids in analyzing patterns, identifying trends, and making informed decisions for optimizing growth conditions.
Remote Monitoring (if applicable): Depending on the system configuration, growers may have the option for remote monitoring. This allows users to access real-time data and control functionalities from a distance, providing flexibility and convenience.
Expandability: The Hydro-X Controller is designed for scalability. Growers can expand their cultivation setups and seamlessly integrate additional sensors or devices into the system as needed.
Emergency Protocols: The system may support the programming of emergency protocols. In the event of extreme conditions, the controller can initiate predefined actions to protect crops and maintain a safe environment.
Compatibility with Various Sensors: Besides the 3-in-1 Sensor, the Hydro-X Controller is compatible with a range of sensors and devices. This versatility allows growers to customize their setups with additional sensors for CO2 monitoring, smoke detection, or other specialized needs.
Data Logging: The controller may offer data logging capabilities, allowing growers to track and review historical data. This historical perspective is valuable for analyzing trends, making seasonal adjustments, and refining cultivation strategies.
Energy Efficiency: Implement energy-efficient practices with the Hydro-X Controller. By automating control actions based on sensor data, growers can optimize resource usage, contributing to sustainability efforts.
Easy Installation: The Hydro-X Controller is designed for easy installation. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines to connect sensors, configure settings, and integrate it into the cultivation setup.
Safety Features: With the integration of sensors like the 3-in-1 Sensor, the system enhances safety by monitoring parameters such as temperature and smoke detection. Safety features can be programmed to respond swiftly to any potential hazards.

Usage Instructions:

System Setup: Follow the manufacturer's instructions to set up the Hydro-X Controller. This involves connecting sensors, ensuring proper wiring, and integrating the controller into the power supply.
Sensor Integration: Connect the 3-in-1 Sensor to the Hydro-X Controller. Ensure that all sensors are properly calibrated and placed in strategic locations within the grow space to capture representative data.
Configuration: Access the user interface of the Hydro-X Controller to configure settings. Set customizable thresholds for temperature, humidity, and light intensity based on the specific requirements of the crops.
Automated Responses: Program automated responses for the controller to execute in response to sensor data. This could include adjusting environmental parameters, activating supplemental lighting, or triggering ventilation systems.
Graphical Data Interpretation: Familiarize yourself with the graphical data representation provided by the controller. Use this feature to interpret trends and make informed decisions about adjustments to the cultivation environment.
Emergency Protocols: If applicable, program emergency protocols into the system. Define specific actions to be taken in the event of extreme conditions, such as shutting down equipment, activating safety measures, or sending notifications.
Remote Monitoring Setup: If remote monitoring is desired, configure the system for remote access.

The Hydro-X system is the professional-grade single zone environmental controller. It is a fully customizable modular designed system. Installation is simple and the system is easy to expand. The Hydro-X system can control main stream grow lights, HVAC systems, mini-split air conditioners, commercial dehumidifiers and humidifiers, as well as CO2 generators or regulators. With the free TrolMaster App, user could access to all settings and alerts on the system from anywhere anytime.
The HCS-1 is the brain of the Hydro-X system. It comes with a 3-in-1 Temp/Humid/Photocell sensor.

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What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is the science of growing plants without soil. The plants thrive on the nutrient-water solution alone. The growing medium merely acts as a support for the plants and their root systems while the solution passes freely. The growing medium, if any, is totally inert.

What types of plants grow best hydroponically?

Anything can be grown hydroponically, but some plants prove to be more space efficient. Some plants we suggest are tomatoes, sweet peppers, hot chilies, lettuce, spinach, squash, cucumbers, broccoli, beans, snow peas, herbs and flowers of all types.

Can you REALLY get better yields/quicker growth?

Absolutely. The plants, when receiving everything they need, tend to be healthier, faster growing and generally more productive. You can expect 30% faster growth with many crops.

What are the watering cycle timelines hydroponic systems?

Once the reservoir is filled with nutrients, it is time to put your hydro system to work! The ease of hydroponics is automation – automation is achieved by putting the pump on a timer according to your watering needs. The watering cycle depends on growth stage, growing medium and hydroponic system. In an ebb and flow or drip system with rockwool as the medium, seedlings, clones and plants in the early vegetative stage require watering only once a day for 15-30 minutes (twice a day for higher temps). Mature, flowering and fruiting plants require a heavier feed and can be fed once a day for 30 minutes (twice a day for higher temps). Typically soiless mixes and coco fiber can be watered for about 15 minutes twice a day, and can be adjusted for heavier feeding during the flowering and fruiting stage or higher temps. ViaStone, Hydroton, Grow Rocks, and Silicate mediums need to be watered more frequently – a constant drip for drip systems, and about 15-30 minutes every 3 hours for ebb and flow systems and can be adjusted for heavier feeding during the flowering and fruiting stage or higher temps. Aeroponic systems require frequent watering cycles; 30-60 seconds every few minutes or a constant spray.

What do I need to test pH? How do I test pH?

pH has a range from 0 (acidic) – 14 (alkaline), with 7 being neutral. A proper hydroponic pH range is between 5.5 to 6.2 for most hydroponic crops. For specific crop pH, check out our Plant Guide. pH must remain within the proper range for good plant health, disease resistance, and proper nutrient uptake. pH is maintained by adding pH Up and pH Down to the nutrient solution. For more information, see the Testssection of our site.

How will the flavor compare to my outdoor grown, organic produce?

The taste may be even better! This is simply due to the fact that the hydroponically grown plants are getting everything they need, when they need it. Don’t be fooled by “hot house” produce grown commercially. The grower’s primary concern is shipability and storage, not flavor. When you grow your own vegetables at home, you can expect nothing less than excellent results. Plus, hydroponically grown produce has the added benefit of a longer shelf life.