HGV Premium Plant Nutrients

HGV Premium Plant Nutrients

Fertilizer Formulations

HGV is formulated for the correct balance between all the elements. Many elements are antagonistic of one another, meaning that high levels of a particular nutrient in the soil can interfere with the availability and uptake of other nutrients. By using “boosters” or “additives” you are throwing off the delicate balance between each element that has been carefully calculated and proven to provide superior results.

They also source the highest quality raw materials. We have tested every form of N (nitrogen), P (phosphorus), K (potassium), as well as secondary and trace elements, and only use what has given the best results time after time in our own commercial facilities. No Ammoniacal or Urea products are ever used. While we could make a lower-cost product, that is not our focus. Quality is always at the top of their list, and it should be at the top of yours as well.

HGV nutrients can be run at much higher EC levels than many other brands due to the raw materials used to blend them. No ammonium and balanced levels of other essential nutrients allow for stronger feeding without the risk of burning or damaging your crops.

All HGV products are licensed and registered which means they have passed stringent testing protocols for metals and other contaminants that the Department of Agriculture requires. We have never had a customer fail product testing due to the use of HGV in their nutritional program.

Manufacturing Excellence

HGV has recently built a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Los Angeles, CA.

HGV is one of the only fertilizer companies that make every batch on-site using blending equipment that was designed and custom-built just for us. Most companies simply farm out their manufacturing to the lowest cost “toll blender”. They are not involved in the production or quality control of their product or even the sourcing of the raw materials used to make it.

They have over 600,000 cubic feet of climate-controlled storage for all of our raw materials which gives them an advantage in today’s unstable global markets. They have also sourced all of our materials from the same suppliers for over 30 years which leads to the batch-to-batch consistency as well as stable pricing and continuous supply our customers rely on.

Source: https://hydrobuilder.com/learn/hgv-premium-plant-fertilizer/

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